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A Tale of Two Men - Romans Road V

Living Savior

You’re likely familiar with the term “Butterfly Effect.” A butterfly flaps its wings in Tokyo in September, and a hurricane hits Mexico in October. This is an element of Chaos Theory, a branch of mathematics which states that long-term prediction of any event is impossible. The basic premise of the Butterfly Effect is this: a very small initial action—the flapping of a butterfly’s wings—can have very far-reaching and major effects—the path/strength/size of a hurricane. Thus because so many tiny actions must go into any predictability calculation, nothing is certain, or even close! (See any 10-day weather forecast ever!)

Whether the Butterfly Effect is legitimate in all its various aspects is beyond my power to say. I am not a very commendable mathematician, much less chaotician. (For more on Chaos Theory, please reference Ian Malcolm’s lecture in the Jurassic Park jeep from the original film of the series.)

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