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Jesus' Enemies Give Great Sermons

We can even learn something from the bad guys!

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It’s easy to find great sermons from the lips of people like David, Abraham, Peter, and Paul. These were people who loved God, and God himself often spoke through them! Finding great sermons from the lips of Jesus’ enemies? That’s a little more difficult … but not impossible! In this series, called “Jesus’ Enemies Give Great Sermons,” we’ll be listening to words that came from the lips of people who hated, betrayed, and abused Christ. Yet God works even in their words to bring truth to our hearts today!

“I Have Betrayed Innocent Blood”
March 31

Judas wasn’t the only one…

“Surely He Was the Son of God”
April 7

How could one man’s death save us all from sin?

“Hail, King of the Jews”
April 14

The King of all things bleeds on behalf of the rebels…

"It Is Better for One to Die”
April 19 - Good Friday

God gives up his Son for the rebellious masses…