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Messages from our friends at Gethsemane

Enjoy messages from guest preachers, Pastor Koester and Pastor Helwig from Gethsemane Lutheran in Omaha.

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The Man Who Lived inside the Fish: A Recovery Story

Most people know Jonah as the man who was swallowed by a fish … and lived to tell the tale! The biblical account of the Old Testament prophet is so much more than the Sunday school story we’re used to. Jonah’s story is actually a telling of the central messages of the Bible. It’s a story of recovering that which has been lost because of sin, and living a new life in what we have found!

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Confirmation Sunday

On Confirmation Day, we celebrate the gift of faith. Even more than our commitment to Him, we consider His commitment to us!

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The Journey

We are all moving toward something. We all have our hopes, our dreams, our desires, and we’re on a mission to fulfill our self-imposed purpose in life. At times, though, we struggle to know what that purpose even is! What happens, though, in the midst of all the distractions of life, if we actually miss the defining moment we have been looking for all along? Join Living Savior on The Journey, as we learn about our life’s truest purpose in Jesus!

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Jesus’ Enemies Give Great Sermons

It’s easy to find great sermons from the lips of people like David, Abraham, Peter, and Paul. These were people who loved God, and God himself often spoke through them! Finding great sermons from the lips of Jesus’ enemies? That’s a little more difficult … but not impossible! In this series, called “Jesus’ Enemies Give Great Sermons,” we’ll be listening to words that came from the lips of people who hated, betrayed, and abused Christ. Yet God works even in their words to bring truth to our hearts today!

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Earthly Stories, Divine Truth

In order to help someone comprehend a complicated concept, people often use illustrations to aid in understanding. Jesus did the same thing during his earthly ministry, too! The wonders of heaven and God’s kingdom are so far beyond our human understanding and experience. But because he wanted us to know who God is and what God does for us, Jesus often spoke using parables. These “parables” are stories made up of earthly elements … but they hold God’s divine truth for all our lives!

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Know. Share. Serve.

What’s the point of church? What’s the point of this church? What should this church be doing? What activities might help my church better become who God has called us to be? These are important questions for us—not just because we’re a mission start, but because we’re the Church! Fortunately, God has lots of answers for us in the Bible. Living Savior exists for us to know Christ better, share Christ better, and serve Christ better.

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Dysfunctional Family Tree.png

Dysfunctional Family Tree

Jesus came from a long line of bad apples and outsiders, whose lives were full of unsavory stories. So when Matthew begins his Christmas story, one might think he would try to hide some of the embarrassing chapters of Jesus’ ancestry. However, the Christmas story isn’t truly complete without them! The bad apples aren’t just part of the Christmas story. They’re the point of it!

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Chosen: Lessons from the Life of David

David was the king who never should have been, and yet today David is one of the best-known historical figures in the world. David’s special-ness didn’t come from within himself. Rather, it was because God chose him that David lived such an extraordinary life! How does the life of this shepherd-king still affect us 3,000 years later? Listen and find out!

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Best Prayer Ever!

The Bible is full of passages and examples of prayer. But there's one prayer that stands out above the rest ... it's the King of prayers, because it's the one given to us by the King of kings! In this series, as we look at the Lord's Prayer, we'll see why Jesus said, "This is how you should pray."

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Money Matters

Did you ever realize that how you use your money matters to God? Everything you have belongs to him. You're actually a steward and of God's belongings, and he tells us in the Bible how a faithful caretaker uses money faithfully by giving some away, saving some for the future, and joyfully living on the rest!

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A living and active faith is a faith that works. Sometimes the work is hard ... but it's worth it! Join Living Savior on this journey through the book of James, as we learn together how faith works.

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Politically Incorrect(2).png

Nation under God

Church and government are two amazing blessings God has given the world! But it might be time for us to correct some "Christian" views about the relationship between Church and State. What does God want Christians to think about the authorities over them, and how does this affect how we treat them? Learn more about life in your nation under God!

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God has given his people an important task. He wants us to share the news of our crucified and risen Jesus with the world! But to a lot of us, that's easier said than done. The pressures of the world and our own sinful hearts push back against God's command. Thank God for Paul! This great missionary of the early Christian church was a living testimony to God's grace and a faithful example for learning how to do our mission work today!

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Encounters with the Christ

Jesus' public ministry only lasted about three years. During that time, though, many people came into contact with the Son of God. When they did, their lives were changed drastically! In this series, we'll have a chance to see how Jesus touched the hearts and lives of those who encountered him ... and how encountering the Christ will change you forever, too!

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Remodeling Project.png

Remodeling Project

The New Year is a time when lots of people talk about the improvements they plan to make in life. They try to tear down bad habits and build healthy ones. But are there any "home improvements" you should think about making in your spiritual life? In this series, we'll look at some of the bad habits God helps us tear down through his word, as well as the healthy ones that build up our spiritual lives. 

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Desire of Nations

Christmas is said to be the "most wonderful time of the year." Or is it ... the busiest? The most stressful? The (fill-in-your-blank)? While the month of December is a great time to enjoy God's many earthly gifts to humankind, we also need to focus our hearts on what truly matters! And not just for us, but for the entire world.

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Judge Not?

We live in a confusing society. We like to judge others, but when others judge us, we dismiss them with a quick "Judge not!" These misunderstandings about judging have also infiltrated the church. How does a Christian properly navigate the complex waters of this issue? God gives us answers in his Scriptures!

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Sola (10/8/17 - 10/29/17)

There's so much religious teaching available, and much of it is so confusing you might want to give up altogether! In this series, we will learn about the simple truths upon which the church can stand. These aren't abstract spiritual ideas. God has made them concrete.

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One Another (9/17/17 - 10/01/17)

Like the coals of a hot fire, Christians need to be close to one another! We are meant to live in community with each other, a "family" of believers. When wedo, they feed off each other and strengthen one another. The goal? Growing toward maturity in Christ Jesus, as we together walk heavenward.

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Freedom (8/13/3017 - 9/10/2017)

Jesus has set us free from sin, death, and hell ... yet day in and day out, we still live like people in chains. We're enslaved by worry, entitlement, self-reliance, loneliness, and comparison to everyone else. As a result, we seldom live with the peace of freedom that Jesus intended us to have. How can we ever break free?

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Free Text Sundays (7/23/2017 - 8/6/2017)

Messages don't have to be arranged into series in order to be beneficial to God's people. Whenever God speaks, he is always good and worth our attention! During these three Sundays, we'll explore a number of areas in Scripture where we learn much about our lives as God's people.

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So Weird It Must Be True (6/25/2017 - 7/16/2017)

Some stories are just too strange to be made up! But does that mean we can't learn anything from them? In this series, you'll see four bizarre stories from the Bible that are so weird, so strange, and so bizarre they must be true! Yet God even uses weird stories to teach you something about himself ... and about yourself, too!

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Charged Church (5/28/2017 - 6/18/2017)

When Jesus left this earth to sit at his Father's right hand in heaven, he didn't leave us empty-handed. He gave us his eternal promises! Jesus also left his Church with work to accomplish while awaiting his return. He provides the task and the tools for our labors in his name! How will you use them ... ?

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Vivid Life (4/16/2017 - 5/21/2017)

The resurrection of Jesus completely changes the story of our lives. Where fear, doubt, distress, anxiety, and purposelessness once dominated, knowing Jesus is to know the promise of life ... life forever in heaven, and a life that is even now made beautiful, vivid, and full of purpose.

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Worthy - (3/5/2017 - 4/9/2017)

Where do you look for your worth? For your stamp of approval? For your acceptance?

Look no further than Jesus, the Lamb of God! His life proves his worth as your Savior. His blood proves your worth to God. All the worth you could ever need is found in Christ alone.

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Identity - (1/8/2017 - 1/19/2017)

In the season of the church year called "epiphany," Jesus reveals himself to be the Son of God. There's no doubt about his identity. But is there anything to learn about our identities as well? Who am I? Who are you?

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The Thrill of Hope - (12/4/2016 - 12/25/2016)

Christmas can be a difficult season for many people. Why is the "most wonderful time of the year" also "the most dreaded time of the year" for so many people? Is hope a lost cause? Or is a way that we can enjoy its thrill again?

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Matthew's Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse - (11/13/16 - 11/27/16)

Just about everyone has their idea of how the world will end. What does Jesus have to say on the matter? More importantly, what can we learn from Jesus that will help us survive to see the other side of that apocalypse and his glory in heaven?

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American Idols - (10/09/16 - 11/06/16)

As the November elections draw closer, and everybody wonders who will occupy the White House come January, let's take a step back and evaluate who or what is occupying our hearts. Because the real threats aren't in the form of who may or may not sit in the Oval Office. The far graver dangers exist in the form of the many idols that reside inside of me ...

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Unraveled (9/11/16 - 10/2/16)

Miracles ... real events or legendary fables? The Bible certainly has no shortage of miracles, but did these actually happen? If they are true, what do they tell us about the God who works those miracles? In this series we hope to answer some of those questions by examining four miracles that Jesus performed during his life on earth.

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The Event (06/26/16 - 08/28/16)

The resurrection of Jesus ... a historical event? Still significant? Or outdated and over-trumped by Christians? We explore the resurrection of Jesus Christ and its ongoing impact on the lives of Christians in this message series of our "preview services."

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