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The Journey

An empty tomb sets us off on the journey of a lifetime!

The Journey.png

We are all moving toward something. We all have our hopes, our dreams, our desires, and we’re on a mission to fulfill our self-imposed purpose in life. At times, though, we struggle to know what that purpose even is! What happens, though, in the midst of all the distractions of life, if we actually miss the defining moment we have been looking for all along? Join Living Savior on The Journey, as we learn about our life’s truest purpose in Jesus!

It Begins in a Cemetery
April 21

The journey of a lifetime begins in a very strange place indeed!

Through Fear and Confusion
April 28

When you get lost in life, remember your Lighthouse.

Is Not Made Alone
May 5

God gives you friends for the journey!

Leads to Deeper Love
May 12

We need the Jesus kind of love.

Includes a Guide
May 19

You have a divine teacher … listen to him!

Has a Purpose
May 26

What do we do with our Easter joy?