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Use the form on the right to contact us. We would love to hear from your questions, encouragements, and even your complaints. We look forward to hearing from you!

You can also call us any time at (402)669-8215. Day or night, rain or shine, we will do our best to pick up or call back in a timely manner!

If you would prefer to speak face-to-face, please swing on by our Ministry Center at 1762 Washington Street, Suite 103 (in Vinton Corner). Office hours are posted at the bottom of the Welcome Page.

1762 Washington Street, Suite 103
Blair, NE 68008


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Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship

Living Savior holds weekly Sunday Services at 6pm. All services take place at the Living Savior Worship Center in Vinton Corner. Our address is 1762 Washington Street, Suite 102.

Prior to the worship service, we enjoy a fellowship meal together at 5:00pm and then host our children's program Living Savior Kids which runs for roughly 30-minutes. This is an opportunity for the kids to engage with various Bible stories and teachings as they grown in faith and knowledge of God's Word!

We look forward to serving you in the upcoming months and years. If you would like some more information about who we are and what we are doing in Blair, please contact us!

What Can I expect?

A regular Sunday service includes the following:

  • Songs of Praise

  • Prayer

  • Bible Readings

  • Confession of Sins and Absolution (Forgiveness)

  • Children's Message

  • The Message of the Week (Sermon)

You can expect a blend of both traditional and contemporary elements in the church service. Our music is done acoustically, using piano and guitar for accompaniment.

style of worship

A good way to summarize the style of worship might be accomplished well by stating the following. "Worship at Living Savior is..."

  • more celebration than party."

  • more exposition than entertainment."

  • more accessible than simplistic."

  • more profound than complicated."

  • more worthwhile than convenient."

  • more for all people than for 'church' people."

  • more diverse than traditional."

  • more relevant than contemporary."

  • more open than formal."

  • more crucial than casual."

  • more encounter than experience."

Come and worship here! All are welcome. We'll work hard to make sure that you're comfortable and that you enjoy your time with us. Even more importantly, we'll make sure you hear the honest truth, designed to make you think about what really matters, because it's God's truth!

Philosophy of worship

Everyone needs regular spiritual rest. Living Savior provides that opportunity for spiritual rest for about one hour each week.

Spiritual rest is not:

  • physical rest, like one gets in a bed.

  • mental rest, like one might find reflecting or meditating.

  • emotional rest, like one might get from a hug.

Spiritual rest, unlike any other kind of rest, doesn't come from anything we do. Spiritual rest comes from God alone, and we receive that rest by hearing that God has made us, loves us, and keeps all his promises to us. We rest spiritually when God wrenches all our troubles, cares, and worries out of our own stubborn hands, and then replaces them with the promise that we have nothing to fear as long as he is with us.